Aidan from the United Kingdom

Aidan from the United Kingdom

Aidan from the United Kingdom

Hi, I’m Aidan. I am 20 years old.

I’ve just been featured by Parkrun UK in their blog because I ran 100 park runs!

Aidan’s dad, Matt, says:

“Aidan started parkrunning in 2013 when he was 10 years old.

Being able to run independently at Parkrun, because of the safe and supportive environment that it provides, has been fantastic for us.

The Delamere Parkrun team and participants have also supported World Down Syndrome Day every year.

Running has become part of our family life, for my wife Sarah and I, plus 4 boys.

As a family, we’ve always tried to make sure that Aidan gets the same opportunities as other children growing up.

We’re very proud of the way he is able to break down the common preconceptions that young people with Down’s Syndrome aren’t physically active, are not capable of taking part in mainstream activities or that they don’t have ambitions to achieve their own goals.

Now Aidan has joined Helsby Running Club. He loves training on the track and also doing the five or six-mile Borders League events. He is treated like everyone else.”

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