Alishba from Pakistan

Alishba from Pakistan

Alishba from Pakistan

My name is Alishba, I am a 21-year-old artist from Pakistan and art is not just my passion, it is my identity!

I am a Social inclusion advocate & activist, and Social Entrepreneur.

I love art, languages & culture and can speak English, French, German & Italian languages.

“The principle of true art is not to portray, but to evoke”, Jerzy Kosinski 

This quote is my inspiration as an artist for I like to describe myself as an ‘abstract expressionist with a mission’. All my art revolves around social themes especially inclusion, equality, females with aspirations and a just society not intent on fitting ‘normal’ within preconceived definitions.

My work has enabled me to portray thoughts for myself and others like me who may have had their reasons to be quiet and hidden. I have overcome many challenges and there are many more to come tomorrow but I am busting myths to prove that ‘special’ people can and do add value to society through their unique abilities. This is why I look at my Down syndrome as a blessing in disguise which enables me to look and feel the world from a different perspective. And this is why I want you to remember me through my art which I create with much love, dreams and aspirations

It is my dream to see an inclusive world that is more receptive, and more tolerant of individuals and their differences. Once we achieve this goal it shall set in motion a world that will start sustaining itself through a shared sense of contentment and harmony. Together we wish to set in motion the wheels of a healing, peaceful and tolerant planet.

Visit my art studio website here.

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