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The Brynard family

The Brynard family from South Africa

My name is Sheri Brynard and I am 39 years old. I live in South Africa and my home language is Afrikaans. When Afrikaans people celebrate something, we usually enjoy a barbeque outside. When we were little, my father Jerry played golf and watched rugby on Saturdays, while my mother took us on outings. She…
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The Burde family

Pranay and his family from India

I am Pranay Burde, a 33 year old living in Mumbai, India. My family I live with my parents, two brothers one elder and one younger, sister-in-law and eight year old nephew. We are a strong family of seven. We family members all together get involved in almost all activities concerning family matters. My family…
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Sandra from Mexico

Sandra from Mexico

Hi, i am Sandra 15 years old. I love to travel around the world. I am very happy singing and dancing. My pet is a puppy called Spot. My family is de most gift. The best way to promote awareness of Down syndrome is for people with Down syndrome to share their own stories in…
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Joanne with her family

Joanne’s family from the US

Almost 60 years ago, 58 to be exact, the tenth and final addition to my family arrived. Tiny. Voiceless. Joanne. How could I know she would be the one to hold my family together for decades? Or that she would define each of her siblings, completely, especially me. Much of what I understand about joy…
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Marrick from Canada

The Weidner family from Canada

Since our son, Marrick started school they have celebrated along with his Dad and I on World Down Syndrome Day with a “Rock Your Socks” day. It was a little harder the last two years but they still made it happen. These are pictures from this year of Marrick, his Dad and I as we…
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Dianne & Christine Bilyak

The Bilyak sisters from the US

Since it’s May 15, my sister and I, though not twins, are the same age. We’re born a year apart but overlap between May 14-May 17. Today we are both 55, or five five or two fives, as Chris likes to say. This year, due to the global pandemic, we’ve spent a lot more time…
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The Graça family

The Graça family from Brazil

My name is Andre Graça. Me and my wife live in Sao Paulo, Brazil, one of the biggest cities in the world. We have two children, twins, they are 2 years old. Esther and Guilherme; Guilherme has Down syndrome. Both are incredible kids, with a lot of love to share. We discovered that Gui (nickname of…
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The Willems family

The Willems family from New Zealand

Kia ora. My name is Luka Willems and I live in New Zealand. I love my family and we go on adventures together. We have been discovering new places in Aotearoa since NZ closed the borders. I would like to share our trip to Stuart Island with you. It is the smallest of New Zealand’s…
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Beatrice from Ghana

The Baah family from Ghana

I have quite a large family. My dad who is seated and my siblings with my nephews and nieces. I love them all. They make me feel special at all time. I feel very happy when I’m with the family. Thank you all for the support and making me part of this wonderful family. I…
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The Livesey family

The Livesey family from the UK

Our family consists of the gorgeous Henrietta who’s two and a half, mum Lauren, dad David and Henri’s fur-sister Agatha. Henri is doing really well with her physical development and communicates through the use of Makaton. We spend a lot of time working on exercises and activities given to us by Henri’s physio, speech therapist…
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