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Listen up! 5 months to go!

5 months to WDSD

There are just 5 months to World Down Syndrome Day 2021!

150 sleeps!

The Down Syndrome International (DSi) team spent time this morning thinking about how we can encourage our supporters to mark World Down Syndrome Day in their workplaces.

Why workplaces?

Well, we believe that people with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities should be included in all aspects of life.

INCLUSION = the practice or policy of providing equal access to opportunities and resources for people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalised.

We want to encourage our supporters to think about inclusion in their workplace.

  • Are you and your colleagues aware of disabilities like Down syndrome? (See What is Down syndrome?)
  • Is there a person or team within your workplace responsible for inclusion?
  • Do you provide a service that is accessible to everyone?
  • Are there inclusive work opportunities for people with disabilities?

DSi have been working with their global network advocating for people with Down syndrome to gain paid employment in open, inclusive and accessible environments.

The main challenge stopping people with intellectual disabilities from gaining employment is a lack of awareness – stereotypes, mistaken assumptions and negative attitudes.

Learn more about DSi’s Employment advocacy work.

We need to increase awareness in workplaces and you can help us to do that!

Sign up to our WDSD mailing list and we will be in touch soon to let you know what you can do to mark WDSD in your workplace.