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Wear your #LotsOfSocks on Thursday 21 March

Wear your #LotsOfSocks on Thursday 21 March

One of the ways that we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) each year is by encouraging our supporters to wear “lots of socks”. but why?

Well it’s simple. Wearing bright and colourful socks are a great way to get people talking on 21 March so you can talk all about Down syndrome.

Each year DSi uses a new sock design. This year’s socks were designed by Sam Asaad.

In the weeks leading up to WDSD, we sell our socks to people all over the world to wear to raise awareness about Down syndrome. Proceeds from the sale of our socks go towards our Global Support campaign to fund our work supporting people with Down syndrome around the world.

As well as simply wearing socks, we also ask supporters to share photos of yourselves wearing your socks on social media using the hashtag #LotsOfSocks. The more people who post and share photos, the more coverage we will collectively get and the further we can spread our message.

If you would like to join in and buy your own #LotsOfSocks socks you will need to be quick as our shop is closing on Tuesday morning (5 March 2019). Until then, you can buy them here:

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Have a wonderful World Down Syndrome Day!