Inclusion means

Our campaign

On World Down Syndrome Day 2022, we are asking:

What does inclusion mean?

“Inclusion means {add your response here}.”

The United Nations

in the general principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD) calls for:

“full and effective participation and inclusion in society”

But around the world

Today’s reality is…

…that people with Down syndrome and disabilities do not benefit from full and effective participation and inclusion in society.

Why is this?

Many reasons. But one reason is a lack of agreed understanding about what inclusion is and what inclusive systems look like in practice.

So what can you do?

Think about what inclusion means

Think about your daily life; when you take part in activities like school, work, recreation or public life, alongside other people. 

Are you included? Do you have the same opportunities as others? Or do you face barriers? Do you participate in inclusive activities? Or are they segregated?

 Try to say “Inclusion means…”

What is an an inclusive activity or an inclusive system? Do you take part in one? Or would you like to? How would you describe such an activity or system?

Need more help?


What is your message? 

Tell us “Inclusion means…” and we can share it for you:


Now share with everyone

We need to share our collective understanding of inclusion

In doing this, we can get a global conversation going, which will empower people around the world to advocate for full inclusion in society for people with Down syndrome and for everyone.

21 March is the ideal opportunity to share, with the world watching!


How do I share?

If you need some ideas to help you share:


On 21 March 2022

We have the chance to share ideas, experiences, knowledge and really important messages

We can empower each other to advocate for inclusion for people with Down syndrome

We can reach out to and engage with key stakeholders to bring about positive change


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