Bashir from the UK

Bashir from the UK

Bashir from UK

My name is Bashir and am 27 years old. I live in London with my mum and dad.

I went to mainstream school. I like Music, Dance, sport and Art.

I like to travel to lots of places by train and stay in nice hotels. I went to pilgrimage in Makkah in 2014 for my 20th Birthday; it was beautiful. I have been to visit my grand parents in Mauritius.

I attend Zumba classes and sport activities. I like to listen to Bollywood music and i like Bollywood Dance.

My Mum buys me nice clothes and my dad organizes all my trips.

I attend a few Day Centers like Blossom House and the Froud Centre.

I have also got working activities where i do packing of sweets, biscuits, and crisps and put them in a basket.

I would like to visit India.

My dad runs a parent support group and I meet lots of other people like me.

We have a big party for World Down Syndrome Day every year.

I am happy summer is coming; we can have lots of fun.

Bashir with his family

Bashir with his family

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