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The Kowalczyk family from Poland

The Kowalczyk family from Poland

Hi, I’m Maja and this is my family : Mother Ola, Father Piotr, younger sister Kasia and old cat named “Miss White”.

We are living in Warsaw.

I’m 23 years old.

This is my last year at school, but I do not worry about my future. I am an actress and work in Teatr21. I will be working at the Lena Grochowska Foundation.

I like art, dance and jazz. From September 2020 I have been learning to play saxophon.

My and my family live motto is “Nothing is impossible”. We are travelling together around the world, driving bike, hiking, skiing. And I have the best skiing experience from the whole of my family.

I’m also a good Cook.

Maja on stage with Teatr21

Maja on stage with Teatr21

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