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So many ways to get involved

Take your pick from the ways you can get involved and make a big positive difference. 

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Use our resources to advocate for change

Check out our resources which will help you to advocate for inclusion – whether its at school, your work place, in media or in public life.

WDSD at UN NY 2023

12th World Down Syndrome Day Conference

Join Down Syndrome International at the United Nations headquarters in New York talking about legal capacity and supported decision making.

Become a World Down Syndrome Advocate

Join our campaign to create a single global voice advocating for the rights, inclusion and well being of people with Down syndrome.

Get informed

Learn about Down syndrome from people with Down syndrome. Share your new knowledge with your friends, family and colleagues.

Share your story

The best way to promote awareness of Down syndrome is for people with Down syndrome to share their own stories in their own words.


By doing something that you love or by setting yourself a new challenge, you can raise money to help improve the lives of people with Down syndrome around the world.

Join #LotsOfSocks campaign

Get people talking about Down syndrome by wearing #LotsOfSocks. These might be mismatched socks or your craziest socks, whatever it takes to start a conversation.

Light up a landmark

Landmarks around the world light up for WDSD – take a look and share your lit-up landmark with us.

Give a little (or a lot)

Make a donation to Down Syndrome International, or to a Down syndrome organisation of your choice, and feel great!

Take part in an event

Find events happening in your area and online that you can join, or host your own event.

Write or record something

Why not make a video and upload it to DownTV? Or write about what #InclusionMeans to you on your website or in a blog?

Share on social media

Social media is a powerful tool enabling us to connect with people around the globe. Together our voices are the loudest!

Watch back: WDSD at the United Nations

For WDSD 2022 Down Syndrome International hosted #InclusionMeans at the United Nations. Alongside self-advocates, we called on governments, UN officials and NGO representatives to work together to improve quality of life for people with Down syndrome and disabilities around the world.