The Dutra family from Brazil

The Dutra family from Brazil

The Dutra family

“We are a regular Brazilian family with some atypical steps.

First, me and my husband Luis met at work and after six months I got pregnant. Terrifying and excited about it, Rafael was born fulfilling us with love and care and one year later we got married.

Six years later, Vitor was born and my husband was living far from us, trying to build his company that, now, is 20 years successfull, thanks God.

Nine years later, after some years that we moved together again, Ana Luisa, who is 16 years old now, our princess that has Down syndrome, arrived with all grace and beauty and love, as a daughter is supposed to come. It’s only one of many details that belongs to her increadible personality.

I founded PROJETO FADA, a voluntary project that helps families with their kids with any disability to understand that life is for everyone, spread inclusion and acessibility all over.

It is a very small resume of a 30 years marriage story that I just celebrate at my 53th birthday, last 26 april. I am very proud of our family and grateful for all experiences and opportunities.”

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