World Down Syndrome Day with Projeto FADA, Brazil

World Down Syndrome Day with Projeto FADA, Brazil

WDSD with Projeto FADA

Sheyla from Familia Diversidade e Amigos (Projeto FADA) in Brazil got in touch to share their World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) celebrations with us.

It looks like they had a wonderful time and raised awareness across Ribeirão Prêto and beyond.

Sheyla said:

“We had our big event on 21st March at South Uber Park.

More than 700 people joined in.

We offered 12 workshops including arts, professional, sports, and many more skills, always in an inclusive way.

We showed inclusive and accessible movie sessions and plays.

We interviewed self-advocates and experts on Instagram.

We wrote messages to share with journals and magazines and we gave interviews to press informing society about inclusion.

It was a great year.

We are already preparing for WDSD 2023 with a big party at an inclusive and accessible park here in our city, Ribeirão Preto.

We expect about 700 people and will be offering lots of activities such as painting, sports, workshops, and cultural and artistic presentations with people with and without disabilities.

It’s going to be awesome!”

More than 700 people joined us.

We offered a dance workshop.

It was a great party!

It was a great party!

WDSD is an important opportunity for the Down syndrome community to raise awareness, and to have lots of fun too!

What are you going to do on the next WDSD?

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