Angela from Malta

Angela from Malta

Angela from Malta

Angela is one of 4 young people to receive the Artivisti award for activism in the arts awarded by the Arts Council Malta with Aġenzija Żgħażagħ (Malta’s national youth agency).

Angela will receive mentorship from one of Malta’s best-known children’s authors, as well as a €4000 grant toward her project.

Her project is called “Changing Perceptions”, and she is planning to work on a young adult fiction novel she has drafted, where the main character Jessica has Down syndrome and is loosely based on herself.

Angela’s vision…

To break down society’s assumptions about what we think is normal and what we think is different.

And her mission…

“I’m planning to do this by breaking down stereotypes through introducing characters in my writing who are different to the norm; sharing my own experiences and achievements to be a role model for children with Down syndrome, and to help raise expectations from families and teachers.

Angela recently spoke at the World Down Syndrome Congress 2021, speaking of her achievements and challenges as a young writer with Down syndrome.

Angela was featured on a programme for TV Malta for International Day of Persons with Disabilities:



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