Anvi from India

Anvi from India

Anvi from India

Anvi is a highly successful yoga trainer – known across her country as “the rubber girl of India”.

She can do more than 200 types of Yogasana and 75 Surynamskar (Sun salutation) postures.

From a young age, Anvi trained alongside her peers and competed in the district, state and national yoga competitions. She has won more than 50 medals and trophies!

She has also won a number of other awards:

  • Best Creative Child with a Disability, awarded by the Indian Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment;
  • Youngest National Awardee (age 13!) in the field of Yoga;
  • Prime Minister’s National Award for Children (Pradhan Mantri Rastriya Bal Purskar), awarded by the Ministry of Women and Child Development;
  • Youngest Yoga Trainer award.
Anvi receiving one of her many Yoga awards

Anvi receiving one of her many Yoga awards

Anvi has used her incredible talent to raise awareness of the benefits of Yoga and motivate other young people to give it a try.

She also has a YouTube channel where you can follow her instruction: Avani Vijay zanzarukia

Anvi had a difficult start in life. She was born with congenital heart disease and needed open heart surgery at just 3 months old. She also has Hirschsprung’s disease which means that a large portion of her large intestine does not work normally.

Despite all of this, Anvi is living a full and successful life. 

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