Ted from the United Kingdom

Ted from the United Kingdom

Ted from United Kingdom

When Ted was born in 2016 the sadness and pity from healthcare professionals were overwhelming.

He was a postnatal diagnosis and it was a total surprise to all of us.

The days and weeks following his birth were dark times for me, if the midwife was sorry, if I needed a side room, if the prodding and poking were as serious as it seemed I was in for a terrible time right?

Oh how I wish I could go back in time, to tell that frightened new mum that life was exactly as it should be.

Ted is an incredible communicator

Ted is an incredible communicator

No child comes with any guarantees all children are unique and whilst we do have some tough days, I have challenges with my typically developing child too.

Normalising Down’s syndrome, breaking away from the stigma and out dates perceptions and setting expectations on society will drive the change we need.

Ted is now 6 he has few words but is an incredible communicator, he attends the same mainstream primary school as his older brother, he is learning to swim, he has friends and his life matters.

We are raising awareness to enable Ted to have choices, the same choices as you or I.

We are fighting for an inclusive world.

Even in 2016, we faced incredible bias this has to change.

Success & happiness are more than your job title or bank balance.

We will continue to share Ted & raise awareness.

Our family is the same as yours, our youngest son just happens to have an extra chromosome.

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