Mohammed and his family from Yemen

Mohammed and his family from Yemen


Hi, I’m Osamah from Yemen.

My little brother has Down syndrome. His name is Mohammed, he is 2 years old, and he was born with health issues.

Mohammed currently he needs surgery. My little brother’s health is going down every day. He gets sick with fever monthly, has difficulty breathing and he is often sick.

The problem is we are in Yemen the country where the wars started six years ago and never stopped. A lot of hospitals have been destroyed and the medical field is almost not existent.

My parents take him every time he gets sick and doctors say they can’t tell what he is suffering from. But he cries often and we can see that he is suffering. People with Down syndrome need health care especially when they are still kids.

I have been searching for help over two years from organizations but until now we have gotten no response from anyone.

The situation in Yemen is so bad. People are not able to obtain essentials of life to provide a suitable environment for a child with Down syndrome. 

Our family need help to get us out of Yemen and provide a suitable environment to care for a child with Down syndrome until the bad conditions in Yemen end.

If Mohammed is not okay we will never be happy.



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