The Promise family from Nigeria

The Promise family from Nigeria

The Promise family

I a Clinical psychologist from Nigeria. My son Justice was diagnosed of Down syndrome at birth. He is now 3 years and 6 months.

With early training, my son can do about everything! Although he still struggles to speak, he has developed sign language that he uses to communicate with family members and strangers.

He is so loving and can make anyone around him happy.

He is quick at learning by observation and imitation.

I am happy that he is making great progress. So I share my story to let people know that children with Down syndrome are humans and they deserve the right to life.

My worries are that many families with a child or children with Down syndrome often abandon them and they roam the street with little or no care here in Nigeria.

In my state, there is no school for down syndrome children. Hence, my child still attends traditional school where the teachers are not experts in handling children with special needs.

If I have adequate guidelines and founding, I would love to open a school or foundation to help children with special needs and families with a child with Down syndrome. And to hype the awareness about Down syndrome and benefits of early intervention.

Justin is making great progress!

Justin is making great progress!

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