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The Malouf family from Syria

The Malouf family from Syria

Son of Rehab Malouf

Hello, I am Rehab. I am a mother of two girls and a boy with Down syndrome.

When first I’d known about my boy’s situation I was very affected, even I quit my job. The doctor told me he needed urgent heart surgery. We didn’t hesitate to give him the chance of life. After that, he had to be on medical treatment for a long period. Meanwhile I shut myself to be only for him.

As a mother of a nine year old boy with Down syndrome I realise how difficult life will be for him. Psychological support is what we really need, me and him. This weird community that looks to him as a different being. They ignore him or step away from him. This rude attitude causes pain for me. I need support to help him learn something, to be an independent person.This is a basic right.

Medical support is also a demand for living well. His immunity is not strong enough so he always needs a supervisor to check his health.

What I am proud of is his lovely eyes and sweet voice in trying singing and playing a guitar.

The Malouf family

The Malouf family

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